City/Tower Cranes


Custom Service Crane, Inc. offers an array of San Marco International city crane sizes. San Marco is a leader in crane manufacturing and technology and manufactures a large selection of crane models. The San Marco fleet includes automatic self-erecting hydraulic cranes, city cranes, and modular tower cranes.

All San Marco City Cranes (SMT Series) include the following key features and benefits:

  • Hook service heights up to 157 ft. or up to 197 ft. with tower booster
  • Multiple jib length options allowing SMT series cranes up to 7 jib configurations
  • Jib lengths from 118 ft. up to 230 ft.
  • Maximum lifting capacities up to 22,046 lbs
    Aerial view of a San Marco tower crane in St. Louis, MO.
    Aerial view of a San Marco tower crane in St. Louis, MO.
  • Jib tip capacities up to 12,125 lbs
  • Electrical Panel fitted with Summer/Winter Conditioning System
  • Electrical power control switching with ground connections
  • Standardized electrical: 480 volt/60hz/3 Phase
  • Frequency control systems for all crane directional controls
  • Radio remote control
  • Radio remote controlled release of slew rotation brake
  • Programmable anemometer with flasher
  • Safety systems for maintenance personnel
  • Quick change 2/4 part cable block
  • Optional operator cab with/without environmental control system
  • Available with concrete embedded ground anchors or on a mobile base with counterweights
  • Full CE/CSA/UL certifications


Der Leitwolf. Leader of the Pack.

From humble beginnings as an iron foundry in 1854, the pioneers at WOLFFKRAN introduced the first tower crane ever in 1913. Since then, over 100 years later, WOLFFKRAN is still the “Leader of the Pack” in technology and quality for tower cranes worldwide.

WOLFF tower cranes have been seen on some of the largest jobsites in the world from Berlin to Dubai, from the Wembley Stadium in London to the Vienna Airport, as well as here at home, at the reconstruction of our own World Trade Center in New York City.

With engineering that is second to none, WOLFF tower cranes get the call of duty whenever difficult projects have to be mastered. For these reasons, we at Custom Service Crane, Inc. have elected to put our trust in WOLFF tower cranes for all of our heavy lift machines.

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